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Self-Selecting Criteria


In choosing to participate as an Ambassador, we invite you to use the following self-selecting criteria to become clear about your intention and commitment:  

  • You feel an inner calling to serve in this way

  • You share the vision and mission of Global Family 

  • You align with the Ambassador’s Guiding Principles and Values

  • You are willing to represent Global Family in your community or your organization.

  • You are committed to co-creating positive change in the world.


Opportunities for Global Family Ambassadors


This is an “emerging role”—to be co-created with fellow Ambassadors who feel called to participate.  We’ll be happy to work with you to “phase in” new activities and responsibilities as you co-create your right relationship with Global Family.  Which of these resonate with you?


  • I align with the vision of Global Family and the benefits of being an Ambassador.

  • I choose to represent Global Family in my area as an individual or as part of a Core Group for at least six months.

  • I empower individuals and teams in my community by seeding Core Groups to support individuals to evolve spiritually and to discover and fulfill their unique purposes.

  • I share information, tools, and activities with my community and provide feedback to GF on what’s working in my area.

  • I promote and network events that foster unity and are aligned with the spirit of Global Family.

  • I serve as a bridge with groups and organizations that share our values.

  • I assist Global Family community members with personal support when they visit my area. 

  • I participate in regular link-ups and gatherings that energize the Ambassadors and the GF community.

  • I make a one time or monthly contribution to support the mission of GF.

  • I create my own project to express unity, love, and co-creation.

  • Other  (list them)

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