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Our Guiding Team

Back row:  Lucky Sweeny, Jeanie DeRousseau, Penina Meisels, David Fischer,   Bonnie Kelley, Tim Clauss, Katharine Roske, Makasha Roske

Front row:  Sanford Anderson, Carolyn Anderson, Jani Ashmore

Inspired by the awareness that humanity is yearning for a deeper sense of connection and experience of love and creativity, the Guiding Team of Global Family came together in Spring, 2016 to re-activate the original impulse of the organization—by supporting the formation of Core Groups and other activities that foster unity and empower individuals and groups worldwide. 


In laying the foundation for this global outreach, Carolyn Anderson and Katharine Roske have completed the new version of The Co-Creator’s Handbook 2.0, a small team has created this website, and we are establishing a network of Ambassadors to serve as representatives in their local communities.   We honor the self-organizing process and trust that those who feel called to participate in Global Family in any way will step forward to give their gifts and be part of this growing group of co-creators.

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