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Trainings and  Events 

In October and November of 2017 a small team, representing Global Family and Living Co-Creation Associates, conducted a three-day training on the basic principles of co-creation for 300 beautiful souls in Hamburg, Germany.  Many of the participants are members of a group called Human Trust, founded by our friends and transformational leaders Veit and Andrea Lindau. The warmth and generosity of everyone we met was fulfilling and nurturing at every level, and we look forward to returning in Spring of 2019 to continue sharing co-creative practices with other social pioneers in Germany and beyond for the social good and global UN sustainable development.

In September 2017 we conducted a one day introduction, followed by an in-depth training in co-creative practices at Hummingbird Community.  Our purpose in coming together was to tap into our unique and collective genius and to be empowered to more fully give our gifts, expand our leadership skills, and be nurtured by the resonant field and the healing qualities of nature for our sustainable future collaborations.

The Global Family / Living Co-Creation training team offered two workshops in Southern and Central California in February.  These weekend retreats were designed to empower the participants in expressing their full creative potential by learning and experiencing the essential elements of the Core Group Process for the Sustainable Development Goals and our future.

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